Holland Family

Meeting this sweet, sweet family was such a joy! This extended family session was a gift to this proud mom and dad from their daughter. I hope they love them as much as I loved taking them! Such a thoughtful and long-lasting gift! We had a blast at the session - the whole family was so welcoming and friendly - and I was thrilled with the final shots we got.

Below are a few of my very favorites --- can't you just see the love and fun in this group?!?!

These parents/grandparents are so lucky, and you can tell this bunch makes them SO very happy! (In case you haven't noticed, grandchild # 4 will soon be added to the crew!!)

And if THIS isn't the most perfect father-daughter image, I just don't know what is-- It wasn't even planned! Such a sweet moment that I was lucky enough (i.e. fast enough) to snap!

Pictures are such amazing way to actually capture what love looks like and to be able to keep those moments frozen in time as tangible keepsakes that can be revisited over and over. There is just nothing better!

SO happy to be sharing more images from clients to brighten your day!



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