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Best Places to Shop for Your Session

Your closet—start there!! I always recommend starting with one person: typically it’s Mom and/or the little girl in the family. This tends to work well because Mom needs to be confident in what she is wearing, and little sisters always have adorable outfits to work with—they both make for a good starting point. IF we just have mom+dad plus a little guy then of course it would be focus on mom, then pick the perfect outfit for the little guy and finally make sure Dad coordinates into the color/pattern scheme next.

Remember mixing patterns is ok--just don't have everyone wear patterns--remember floral and plaid are ok to mix, just make sure the items don't clash when they are next to one another. Use the men of the crew to fill in color and/or add texture and patterns with plaids, stripes etc. I also recommend details....lay out everyone's outfits together and remember: socks, shoes, jewelry, tights etc. This will be the perfect time to notice if you are missing any pieces that you need to shop for.

If at anytime you are struggling with what to wear--you just need to ask me for help. I am glad to help you eliminate or give advice on colors, patterns etc. Simply lay out what you are working with and send me a picture---the perfect way for us to editing through outfits or give the stamp of approval! Don't stress about outfits, just ask me for help! Lets make sure you and your family look amazing for your upcoming session!!

Below are some local shops where you can find the perfect outfits and pieces to level up your and your families outfits for your next photo session!

For the kids—Locally: The Little Button, h&m, old navy & target

**don't forget to plan for shoes** this is one item that seems to get overlooked and can make a big impact for pictures

Moms/teensPunch, Yarids, Vivendi—are some favorite local Roanoke shops that allow for more unique/styled items to add to your session. Sometimes, not just an everyday outfit will do!! Don't forget accessories--jewelry, nails (they don't have to be polished necessarily--but make sure to remove polish if its chipped) scarves, shoes!!!

For all the missing pieces to the what to wear puzzle—Target & Old Navy are the easy go-to big box stores that have those items you might be missing for kids/husband and even mom in a pinch!

Local Links:

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Sarah Mae Hess
Sarah Mae Hess
Jan 17, 2023

Ooo! I love these clothes shop location ideas! Thank you so much for sharing! It really helps with putting together the family's outfits for a photoshoot!


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