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Planning a First Birthday Session!

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

Cake-smash milestone sessions are the perfect way to document the first year!!

These sessions are so much fun and there are only a few things you need to plan for:

  1. The Theme (Set)

  2. Outfits

  3. Details .....cake

  4. Timing

When we start in the studio the first few shots will be portraits of your baby dressed in a cute outfit for a couple traditional first birthday portraits, if you choose. This is why its important for us to plan colors/outfits etc so everything matches and allows for a finished product we both love!

  1. Theme--I try to incorporate your theme, colors, props etc so we have the perfect set for your little one. If your theme matches the party often times I will utilize any decorations/props to the set-up

2. Outfit/What to wear: Most mama's plan for a pre-smash outfit (or two) depending on whether or not your little one minds changing outfits. The little one above had 2 pre-smash outfits. I always recommend a simple outfit the smash (etsy is the easiest place to find monograms or the simple "One" onsies) Details make a difference--bows, headbands along with the outfit colors etc.

3. The Cake : adding a cake to a session with a 1 year old is really just a blast! My amazing local baker is the talented Curious Cake Shop she does such a wonderful job adding the details of the cake to coordinate with our sets and her cakes are delicious!

I love working with other small business and this partnership works out perfectly and saves you from having to worry about picking up a cake for the session!!

4. Timing-- there are two aspects of timing that you need to think about. The time of day is very important. The happiest time of day for the birthday boy/girl is the time we need to work with--if they are happiest after their 9:30 morning nap.....then we schedule mid-morning!

Next, if you need a few images to display for the party, please think of this when schedule the session. Many times I am able to get a handful edited and delivered to you for printing if there is enough time between the session and party!

First Birthday cake-smash sessions are a favorite of mine. I put lots of thought and work into creating the perfect set to celebrate your little ones' first birthday! Unfortunately, I can only book a certain number of these sessions each month so be sure you contact me to secure your session early!

***Bonus Tips:

1. I always encourage you to bring puffs or another small treat we can add to the back of the cake to get your little one interested in digging into the cake (sometimes it takes a little extra help to get them interested in trying the cake)

2. Bring their water cup to have on hand so they can get a sip or two during the session.

3. Siblings--many times bringing older siblings IS helpful, however, there have been many jealous/upset older siblings when the session is not about them or their cake. So if you need to secure childcare for your older kids plan for that, obviously, you know what works best for you family & kids so I trust your judgment! These sessions typically do not last longer than 1 hour.

If you have any questions about your littles ones' first birthday session coming up, please just reach out and we can chat about what you are thinking!


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