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Santa Came to the TCP Studio....

Believe it or not, I was nervous about the NEW Santa Experience this year! However, not only was Santa THE best, but the response to the sessions was wonderful and the set planning was really fun for me too--Im already dreaming about next year!

I can't say exactly what my favorite part of these sessions were......its a toss up between The big guy himself, the conversations from the little ones about their wishlist & elf to the BIG smiles on all the kids faces when they came in the door and saw Santa himself!

Take a look at just a small glimpse of the magic Santa brought to my studio!

I hope you had lots of holiday magic in your home this past Christmas! Looking forward to a wonderful, exciting 2023, full of lots of memories and hopefully you and your family in front of my camera!!




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I'm Trent! I'm passionate about Jesus, my husband, photography, America, Diet Coke, Tory Burch flats, and all things pink & navy. 

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