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What should my 1 year old wear for their cake-smash session??

What to wear is always a stressor, isn't it?

But don't let something like this stress you out. Sometimes a simple onesie with a "1" on it will do just fine! I also love tutu's, diaper covers, suspenders, bowties, themed outfits.

I always tell Moms to hunt on Etsy and even amazon for great outfits for their first birthday party outfit. So when you find "the" party outfit remember we can use that for the 1st birthday session. I know that you might not want to risk getting icing etc on that outfit so this is when outfit number two comes into play. I always take pictures before we add the cake for a smash-cake session--so we can totally use "the" party outfit during the session but then change into outfit number 2! This way we can feature the milestone board, and often times if we have a "standing" 1 year old, we can highlight that trick in some pre-smash photos. I also have many buckets and bowls etc that make adorable props for first birthday pictures! Now, on to outfit 2: the one I like to call "the smash-cake" outfit, this can be the same as outfit if you want,(because you of course can wash etc) but if you choose another outfit be on the look out for colors that are going to coordinate with the theme. Again, don't let this aspect stress you out--but just add this to your plans when you book your session to allow you enough time to order!

Take a look at some of these outfit ideas from previous Cake-smash First Birthday Sessions....hope this give you an idea of outfit options and helps you when planning for your little ones session!!

I LOVE planning and working with you to create the perfect, unique cake-smash set for your little one turning O-N-E soon---can't wait to celebrate with this fun session!!

Shoot me an email if you have any other questions




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