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Newborn to 1st birthday....

I have a hard time figuring out which one of the sessions that offer is my favorite:

I love newborn sessions because--well newborn snuggles and the sweet poses and props! I love first birthday cake-smash sessions because its such a FUN milestone to celebrate and its always fun watching a one year old dig into an icing topped treat! I adore family sessions because I always think about what a treasure it will be to have mom + dad in pictures with their children. Senior pictures are always such a special treat to photograph, I just love hearing about the plans they have for after graduation and their future! The heirloom portraits are also definitely a favorite because of the classic aspect of the images--I just know they will hang on the walls of your home for years to come!

I have to admit when a newborn clients returns to my studio for their cake-smash 1st birthday session I absolutely LOVE it! Sometimes, I don't get to see clients again during their first year, so getting to see them and celebrate and document their first birthday is a joy for me!!

Here are just few of the newborns that graduated to 1 cake-smash clients over the past year or so......enjoy!

I love getting to have all the 1 year olds in my studio for their cake-smash session so make sure you secure your upcoming 1 year olds smash-cake session on my books today! Feel free to email me directly to find out more details!

Can't wait to see you in my studio soon!




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I'm Trent! I'm passionate about Jesus, my husband, photography, America, Diet Coke, Tory Burch flats, and all things pink & navy. 

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