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Newborn Studio Session FAQ's: Moms don't stress!!

I know that it can be stressful thinking about bringing your newborn out to my studio, especially as a first time mom! I wanted to try to ease that stress with some helpful hints and frequently asked questions! However, if you have any other questions feel free to reach out to me and I will be happy to chat with you!

What do I need to bring with me to the session?

You don't need to bring anything with you at all! Although, I recommend a pacifier if they "might" be helpful during the session. As far as wraps, hats, bows etc you do NOT need to bring anything. IF there is a prop you would like to bring just be sure to send me a picture so I can plan a set around that item! Most people do not bring anything with them besides diapers, bottle etc. So do not feel pressured to bring anything with you other than those necessities!

Can I bring my other child(ren)

with me?

While, this sounds like it might be more convenient its actually more stressful for moms and tends to be pretty long and boring for the siblings. My suggestion is to schedule your newborn studio session during preschool/school hours or while dad is off work etc. so they do not have to tag along for the longer studio session. If you have other kids you might be interested in the combo option which includes both a studio newborn session and a lifestyle session (that takes place in your home at a later date) after your studio session. Ask me if you have any questions!

How long will the session last?

Typically, a newborn session lasts up to 2 hours, so I would plan on at least that amount of time in my studio--sometimes we finish sooner than that, but plan on that time so you have enough bottles etc.

What is my baby cries the entire time? or doesn't settle or sleep?

Lets be honest, they can't tell us whats wrong so we really don't know if their little tummy hurts or they are still hungry because they are having a little growth spirt etc. SO, I will make the call to just reschedule if to much time is passing---PLEASE DO NOT stress about this, the worse thing that happens is we just pick another day to reschedule the studio session. We won't wait too-too long to make the call, I can usually tell if a little one is trying to settle down etc--and if you feel like on the day of your session that its just an OFF day etc Call me, we can try and reschedule before we start. You have a better idea of how your baby normally acts etc! But this isn't something to stress about --you can do all the things, work around their normal schedule, have them fully feed, changed etc and it can just be an off day!

What do we do about feedings? I don't nurse so how do you plan times etc?

As I have said, the baby will call the shots! So if you have already gotten on some sort of schedule don't be surprised if on picture day we might vary from that. IF baby needs to stop to nurse/eat after every pose we will do that. I do encourage a pacifier because sometimes, even if they aren't big fans of one, it will prolong the time between feedings etc. I will take your lead on weather you want to stop and nurse or bottle feed--so just speak up--you prob already know what some of those cries mean!

I hope some of these answers have eased your mind a little bit. These sessions are really special to me and I will do my best to create and capture those fleeting moments for you and your family to treasure for years to come.

It's not lost on me just how important & precious your baby is and I put a high priority on safety! Before Covid, I often had an assistant in the studio during NB sessions, but since Covid I haven't been using an assistant. I might ask for your assistance from time to time to just to spot baby between poses/props etc!

If you have any questions or are ready to schedule your upcoming newborn session feel free to reach out to me directly:

I also have more information in my newborn guide if you are thinking about schedule your Newborn session, I would be happy to share that with you also!!




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