Behind The Lens

Hi, I'm Trent!  I love God, my husband, my family, my friends, children's laughter, all of the Real Housewives shows (embarrassing, I know), chocolate, my name, pictures, America, pool days, anything with my monogram on it, flip flops, Tory Burch shoes, college football, Roanoke & Raleigh!


My love of photography was born at a very young age.  I had my very own [hand-me-down-from-my-older-brother-blue-Fisher-Price] camera and I took pictures of everything. . . my cat. . . my cat and my shoes. . . my cat running away from me and my camera. . . literally everything!  In all seriousness, I was blessed. . . blessed to share my love of all things photography (and Nikon) with my grandpa, “Pop-Pop”.  He always encouraged me to gain more knowledge of photography, my camera and my equipment.  He was my biggest supporter and I was always excited to show off my latest sessions to him!  I am forever grateful for his influence on my life and especially in pursuing my dreams!


I love that I am able to capture the love of a couple or especially a family for generations to treasure! I love to touch old pictures, hold them in my hand and try to remember the moment or just to see a moment in time from years past. 

Photography is the perfect way to capture the innocence of childhood and the beauty of love and family. And to be given the honor to momentarily join a family, a couple, a new or soon-to-be mom for the purpose of documenting their life moments is. . . Just. Plain. Awesome. 


That sums me up.  Any questions? I would love to hear from you! 

xoxo, Trent

Hope Taylor Photography