Kelley Family

The Kelley family is always full of smiles, and their shoot this fall was no exception... Well, at least until the end...

I just adore the dynamic between these three siblings... The twins really do have such a special connection, and they both are crazy about their big sister. She's like a second little mommy, and they basically do anything she tells them!

How cute are they?!?!

And these two? They make three kids (including three year old twins) look EASY!

I was so happy with the way these photos turned out; BUT, full disclosure: things aren't always "picture perfect" behind the scenes... Towards the end of our session, the kiddos stumbled upon a yellow jacket hive and the oldest ended up with several stings. I felt SO bad for her - especially since she'd been such a big help all morning - but she was such a trooper and recovered just in time for breakfast at her favorite, Scratch Biscuit Co. Thank goodness it wasn't worse than it was!!

Now, hopefully she won't have scary memories of bees when she looks at these images years from now. ;)

Thanks Kelley Family! It was a pleasure, as always!

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