Bridgers Family College Send-Off

While I always love taking pictures of babies and little kids, there is something so special about these families with older kids celebrating really big milestones like sending one out of the nest...

The Bridgers family is, seriously, the sweetest. I want to know all their secrets for getting their teenage kids to truly LOVE each other. This whole session, in fact, was orchestrated by Kala - the oldest who is heading back to JMU in a few weeks and wanted some photos of the whole family before her brother (in maroon) left for his freshman year at Concord College in West Virginia.

We were in a bit of a time crunch because they were making the drive to Concord the very next morning (!!) and there were dark clouds above us the entire time, but the heavy rain held off just long enough for us to get some awesome shots - and we even saw the sun a few times!

Since I'd taken the brothers' senior pictures earlier in the year, I knew this would be a fun shoot, and it did not disappoint. It turns out that Dad is the true "Class Clown" of the bunch, and they all kept me laughing!

Bridgers Family, I hope these photos will be a joyful reminder of the beautiful, playful, and tight-knit crew you've built when the house is undoubtedly quieter this fall!

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