What to Wear: Fall Inspiration

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

With the arrival of fall this week and fall photo sessions around the corner, I thought I’d

share some fall “what to wear” ideas with you! Sometimes deciding what to wear is the most

stressful part of planning your photo session, so I hope these tips take some of that stress away or at least, help YOU get a jump start on planning the color schemes and outfits for your upcoming family session!

In an effort to keep things simple, here’s three simple tips:

1. Shop Your Closets First

Brand new outfits don’t always mean Picture Perfect! Before you head out with the

daunting task of shopping for everyone, shop your own shelves first!

Often, people think that just because you’re having family photos taken, that everyone

needs a new outfit. That simply isn’t true! Start by looking in your closets and picking something that works for each individual in your family. Now, of course everyone will not have something that works within your color scheme, but at least you’ve got a start! You can always use what you’ve found to create a base, and then, you can purchase an item or two to tie all the outfits together.

The mama of the boys in the picture below loves the challenge of planning outfits for her

crew. She shopped their own closets for the neutral colored pants for each of them and the solid blue and gray shirts. Then, she added in the multicolor blue plaid shirt and and the dark blue cotton blazer and vest to create some interest to the outfit. These items were more cost

effective than buying a whole new outfit, but are items that can be used over and over again. I think these outfits look comfortable and natural. Notice how all the details tie together (more on that later)!

2. Layers and textures are your friend!

After you have planned your color palette, don’t forget to add texture! In the picture

below, you’ll see that they all “fit” into the color scheme, but the individual outfit choices are

different and pleasing to the eye.

Layers can include: scarves, jewelry, jackets, or vests

Textures include: corduroy, lace, fleece, denim, leather, and even color blocking can be seen as a layer

In the image below, notice these layers and textures: The mom is wearing a lacy top with a wooden necklace that adds both texture and layer and ties in with the neutral brown/caramel color in the guys pants and shoes. Dad has a subtle pattern on his shirt that adds interest and texture without being too busy. Because the pattern is subtle, it doesn’t compete with any of the other colors or patterns. From left to right, you’ll notice on the 3 handsome guys: Pattern combined with a neutral and color blocking layered vest, a neutral blue shirt that ties in with all the blue color tones layered with a blue jacket in a darker shade to add interest, and the last boy in a solid light gray shirt that mimics the gray on the first boy’s vest layered with a half zip jacket in the blue tone. The solid brown/caramel pants on all the boys also help to tie the palette together, and fortunately, can be found in almost everyone’s closet.

This picture ties together so well! If they were all just wearing knit sweaters or plain shirts, it

wouldn’t be as visually pleasing to your eye. It’s really much like designing the look you would like to see in your final image. Don’t over complicate it!

Even in the extended family session below, they used layers as a way to tie together their color palette. This is a GREAT example of how layers add SO MUCH to an image! (ie: the duster, half zip navy pullover, caramel vest, and textured cream sweater with denim)

3. Coordinate---Not everyone has to match exactly!

…. Think color (yes, neutrals are a color) coordinate, and patterns too!

When thinking about the color scheme for your family photos, don’t pick just one color,

pick several and plan to incorporate them throughout several people in our family to balance the image. You can even use multiple tones of the same color to add depth and dimension to the final image. By making everyone look different, but cohesive, it gives each person in your family their own individuality and personality and allows them to shine!

Sometimes, mom finding that one special shirt that she feels best in is a simple place to

start. You can build off of that! Just remember that it’s important to add textures, layers, and

tones as you begin to add in the outfits for other family members.

In the image below, I LOVE how this family tied together their color scheme using layers,

patterns, and even slight changes in tones of the same color.

In the next picture, notice that the color scheme includes multiple colors: maroon, navy,

and camel/cream neutrals. The colors work together throughout the group.

For example, the navy is found in the older son’s darker navy pants, but the navy tone is also found in the Chambray shirt on the youngest and also, in the mom’s denim jacket (an easy go-to layering piece!). Maroon is their main pop of color, but it also floats around the group. You will find it in the mom’s dress, the daughter’s top, and the oldest son’s shirt. The camel/cream neutrals are a great choice for fall and can be found in dad’s shirt, the youngest boy’s pants, and his sister’s shoes (accessories are a great way to tie color schemes together). The accessories and details can tie it all together and who doesn’t love an excuse to buy a new pair of shoes, a new scarf, or piece of jewelry?!?!

I know that selecting outfits can be stressful, but I’m here to help! Just text me pictures

or feel free to ask me for suggestions. If you text me pictures of your outfit choices, just be

prepared for me to be honest. I’ve been known to veto a few, but I’ll always help you create

another option!

I love when clients include me in their planning, especially if they feel like it’s a pain

point! I want you to look forward to your session, feel comfortable with what you and your family are wearing, and be in love with the finished product!


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