Itty Bitty Austin

Fun Fact: This little guy's mom was the official Hokie Bird (mascot) during her college years at Virginia Tech. He's, clearly, destined to a life in orange and maroon. (And how precious is that tiny knit football?!?!)

It was a treat to have Baby Bauman in my studio a few weeks ago for his first official photo shoot. He was such a laid back, easy-going baby -- slept the entire session, which made my job a piece of cake and allowed us to use lots of my set-ups and props!

My assistant, Natalie, was with me for this shoot, so she took care of all the little details, and Mom was able to just relax and watch... Obviously, my first priority is always getting great shots of the baby, but it's a huge bonus when I feel like this time is actually refreshing and restful for mom too. The ones with other kids at home especially appreciate the quiet time while I take pictures and steal cuddles with their new little one. Everyone wins.

Aren't the details in a new baby just incredible? The miracle of life never ceases to amaze me!

P.S. Stay tuned for more pictures of Baby Austin with his adoring big brother in their "natural habitat" at home. Coming soon.

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