H Family | Hollins University Campus

I've been taking photos of this great family for a while, and as their boys grow up, it only gets more fun (and more hilarious)!

Their beautiful Mama is totally outnumbered, but she takes it all in stride and seems to love it - I can't blame her really! The H boys are kind, polite, handsome, and SO funny - between cracking jokes, making funny faces, and just bantering back in forth with each other, they kept me in stitches for 90% of the session!! Thankfully though, all the laughter got me some great, authentic smiles, and I feel like you can really see how much this family loves each other and enjoys being together.

I can only imagine how loud and happy it must be in their house every day!!! And I'm sure these brothers always get along this well. ;)

H Family, it was an honor to spend an afternoon with you!!

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