How to Decorate with your Photographs year round!

Hi friends and fellow readers of the Trent Currin Photography blog!

My name is Abby Hostetler, and I’ve been a friend of Trent’s for about 12 or

13 years. She’s been our family photographer for at least 11 of those years,

and it has been my privilege to watch her craft and her business grow and

develop over this last decade or more! As a relatively new business owner,

myself, Trent has been one of my greatest encouragers on this journey as

a fellow creative. I own and operate Enhance. Abby Hostetler Design Co.

in Roanoke, Virginia. It’s a home enhancement business where I consult

and help people improve the spaces in which they spend their time. I was

honored when Trent asked me to guest blog on how to use pictures in

seasonal decorating. Shocking I know, since it’s 2020, but this is actually

the first blog post I’ve ever written! Here goes nothing!

We are embarking on a busy season with holidays approaching, many of us are excited for the traditions we do with our families. The holidays of Thanksgiving, and Christmas are just around the corner. Even in the midst of a pandemic, I imagine our lives

and calendars will still be full- even if it might look a little different.

Sometimes, having pictures taken seems like just another thing to add to

the list. I’m here to encourage you to have those pictures taken, and even

print off a few!

Our families grow and change so quickly that it’s important to

document those changes and the memories of those seasons, too. You

might think that you don’t want to have the picture of your kids sitting in

front of the Christmas tree or on the bench at the pumpkin patch out on

your end table all year, and I would be in agreement with you. Wouldn’t that

pumpkin patch picture look great though sitting there in September,

October, or even November when fall is upon us and that crisp, cool air has

finally graced us with its presence? One great idea would be to have a few

of those favorites printed out and framed and put away with your Fall

decorations. When that season arrives, put away the picture that stays out

all year and replace it with the one that fits the season.

Research shows us that changing our environment and surroundings

periodically can boost our mood! That is why it feels so good to move our

furniture around, switch out pillows, or change florals with the seasons. We

can do the same with our photos! It is also a great way to get a good bang

for our buck on those photos that bring so many happy memories flooding

back. I know I tear up almost every year when I get those Christmas boxes

down and pull out a picture of my boys in their Christmas jammies and

marvel at how much they’ve grown. Lots of us have places where we can

switch out our photos just like we do our other seasonal decorations. Enjoy

a fresh, new look for the season!

I hope this has helped you imagine how you can use your seasonal

photos throughout your home. We aren’t limited to fall or Christmas either.

This can be done for Easter (oh, those precious Easter outfits and

baskets), and even a patriotic or lake family photo in summer would

compliment those summer decor finds. The possibilities are endless!

Let’s get decorating! Print those photos and switch them out with the

seasons. You’ll be glad you did! Thanks for the opportunity, Trent!

Make Life Beautiful,


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