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Studio Session + In-Home Lifestyle  Session

what to expect & helpful hints

Most people like a mixture of a mini in-home, “lifestyle”, photos for family/sibling shots AND a studio set up of just the baby with props, etc.

First, we start with the studio portion (because its more of the time-sensitive session) for the studio portion of the session, you come to my studio. We will plan a time (based on the needs of your family and baby) to meet at my studio space for posed baby shots with props, different backdrops, etc.   These images will be perfect for the birth announcement or other keepsakes.

Next, we schedule
the lifestyle portion, some people wait up to 2 months (thats really the maximum I recommend waiting to schedule) I will come to your house.  Home is the best place to capture moments with parents, siblings, and even the family pet(s). Having this part of the session in your home allows for the essence of your family to show--where and how you live and love. (Your bedroom, nursery, front porch, etc. make beautiful backdrops for images of your real life.)

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