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Studio Session Tips & Tricks


Your baby will run the show. I will have the studio warm and cozy and perfect for a sleepy baby!  Don't stress--you cant help if they just aren't sleepy etc.. We will stop and nurse/bottle feed upon "demand." The studio session typically last from 1.5 to 2.5 hours. If we have a fussy baby and we can't seem to get he/she calm, we will just reschedule--do NOT stress, this happens occasionally, but not often!

Below are some reminders of how to make the session run smoothly:

  • Arrive at my studio and change baby, followed by bottle/nurse to help relax baby and get them sleeping soundly.

  • Bring along a pacifier to aid in keeping baby soothed and sleepy

  • FYI feeding schedules "might" get a little messed up on the NB portrait day, but hopefully the images will make it all worth it!

  • Moms--make sure you wear comfy clothes because you won't be in any pictures, so you might as well be comfortable!

  • Getting child care of older siblings is key for these studio sessions. We cant expect a toddler to wait around my "boring" studio while we photograph their new baby sister/brother.

I have so many props, wraps, buckets, hats, headbands etc. There is NO need for your bring anything but of course you are welcome to bring anything you might like incorporated into your newborn session! We will chat about colors, patterns, poses, props etc prior to your session so I will have a good idea of the styles you prefer! This chat allows me to prepare my sets before you arrive at my studio--of course being at my studio allows us to pivot and make any changes we might need to!

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